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Hijacker Pier BolstersRebar cage alignment in drilled shafts, drilled piers, caissons, cast-in-drilled-hole piling and cast-in-place pile.

Without proper alignment, the rebar cage cannot perform the function for which it was designed. Proper positioning helps protect against long-term corrosion of the rebar. Faulty alignment can cause foundation failure, which often leads to issues of contingent liability. Because the rebar cage cannot be inspected or tested after the concrete is placed in the drilled shaft, the cage must be aligned properly the first time.

Often spacers, such as rocks, bricks, or sticks are used in an attempt to properly space the cage within the shaft. Usually these devises fail to stay attached to the cage and tend to gouge the side of the shaft, causing debris to clutter the shaft's floor.
Pieresearch Pier BolsterPIERESEARCH has developed a solution to these cage-positioning problems consisting of two 7,500 psi high-strength grout devices, the Centraligner® Pier Sled and Hijacker® Pier Bolster.

The Hijacker® Pier Bolster is disk-like in shape and contains 12 gauge galvanized looped tie wires for installation. The high-strength grout supports the weight of the cage and will not shatter should the cage strike the casing or some other object. Because the sled and the bolster are tied to the cage, the possibility of them becoming detached is eliminated.

These products have been well received by the structural engineering and construction communities. They achieve a result that has long been sought by structural engineers.
To order, call PIERESEARCH for current pricing, give quantity, size and name. Stainless steel or PVC coated tie wires are available on special order.
Product Schematic / Line Drawing
Available in the following sizes:
(Custom sizes available upon request)
Part No.
3" Hijacker Pier Bolsters ..............20 ea. per bag (4" diameter, provides 3" cover)
3" Hijacker Pier Bolsters ..............Sold individually (6" diameter, provides 3" cover)
4" Hijacker Pier Bolsters ..............15 ea. per bag (4" diameter, provides 4" cover)
5" Hijacker Pier Bolsters .............Sold Individually (4" diameter, provides 5" cover)
6" Hijacker Pier Bolsters .............Sold Individually (4" diameter, provides 6" cover)
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Hijacker™ Pier Bolsters Brochure
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Hijacker™ Pier Bolsters Quantity Table
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MSDS Sheet
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